Ten things to do in Punk Rock Holiday 1.5

Punk Rock Holiday 1.5  is just a week ahead and in CMFFGP we all are waiting for the day to arrive in Tolmin once again. This will be our third year in a row travelling there from Spain and we are as excited as we were the first time. Five days of music, nature and friends are waiting for us, and we want to live them to the bone. Here are some tips and ideas about things you guys definetely should do when in Tolmin. Enjoy them!

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Summer Holidays (Punk Rock Holiday Interview)

Here at CMFFGP we like going to the bone, we like getting to the bottom of the matters. We like talking with people who believe in the same things that we do, and people who let feeling and passion being their letmotiv. For all that, and because summer and festival season is here, we decided to talk to Andrej, main member of the Punk Rock Holiday Festival organization. If you have alredy been there, if you just heard about it, or even if you didn’t know this festival, you should keep on reading …

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Punk Rock Holiday 1.4 (English Version)

July or August?, rain or shine? –  Who really cares?. Punk Rock Holiday is, and will always be, the perfect time for the celebration of punk rock, hardcore and ska holiday. I’m pretty sure, If this festival were held in december, most of the european punk rock community would still fill Tolmin streets with tattoos, mohawks and band thirts. Nothing can beat this 5 crazy days festival where music, nature and brotherhood become the most important thing. And we do love that. 

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Along The Way (Two Nights With Bad Religion)

Last June 17th and 18th Bad Religion toured Spain visiting Madrid and Barcelona. I was lucky enough to see them both nights and this is my special tribute to my favourite band.

Bad Religion is the best band in the entire world, and there’s no need for them to Prove It. All of You know that I love them, and that I do whatever I have to just to see them once and again live, Believe It. Before these two nights (June 17th and 18th) I had alredy seen them twelve times but, talking about Bad Religion, How Much Is Enough?.

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Groezrock 2014 – May 3rd (English)

9.30 am. Saturday Morning. An alarm clock hit my head. That’s how my second day of Groezrock 2014 began. At least I was lucky enough and I could sleep several hours in a bed and I could  have a shower too. At least I was lucky enough and I was waking up early to do what I love most: Listening to live music.

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