Sbäm Fest (Day 1) @ Alter Schlachthof (Wels/AUS)

Just some days  ago we were getting ready to enjoy a great weekend in austrian lands. A whole weekend full of music, laughs, new friendships and good memories. Sbäm Fest second edition has just proved that this is an upcoming new must date for punk lovers. For all of those who love skating and a quiet enviroment without big crowds. Because big bands also play (and enjoy) in small venues, and because big festivals aren’t those who have a 50.000 audience. Prove me wrong.

As soon as we arrived, we fell in love with the venue: an amazing complex with several yards to skate, to enjoy fresh air, to eat and drink and to lay on the grass. The venue itself was also amazing: several bars to get drink from, wardrobes, spots to have some chats and an amazing sound. We were lucky enough to talk to one member of the organization a few weeks ago, and he underlined that one of the best things of this Sbäm Fest edition was the venue. Totally agree.

Once we got inside the venue, austrian band Missstand was playing a politic and direct mix between Strike Anywhere and Rentokill punk rock. It was only around 1:30 pm and the venue was quite full of people who were enjoying and singing along songs such as “Hinterland”. Great show and interesting way of starting the day. After the, always on time, fifteen minutes of gear changing, The Murderburgers time arrived. They were one of the bands I was more excited about. Fun, melodic and always perfect to sing and dance with. More and more people were filling the venue and the temperature was rising as well. The band played songs from his successful album How to Ruin your Life, but they also offered new songs such as “The Waves” or “8am Headlights” which made the audience out of control. Great show of a band which will be in everybody’s mouth sooner than later. Check them out!.

The Muderburgers (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

If there’s one thing I should thank this festival for (besides the amazing treatment they gave us) it is Wonk Unit personal discovery. This british band held one of the funniest shows of the first day of festival. A thug mix of styles from punk rock to brit pop with a really interesting live show. The band opened his setlist with a classic hit: “Je M’Apelle Alex” making sure they were able to set the place on fire. To be honest, the audience started quite reserved, but as far as the songs were played, people connected with the band as  it could be proved with “Go Easy” and the party Wonk Unit was making by them.

Wonk Unit (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

After a little lunch break, we went back to the venue to check one of the most well known austrian bands live sound: Astpai. The place was packed by then, and punk rock music sounded better than ever. “Bitting Dogs Don’t Chew” opened the show followed by the fast “Intentions”. Everything was great: perfect enviroment and amazing sound. Sbäm Fest had officially started and everyone was in. The band held an amazing show knowing that they were playing home. They close the concert with one of the most expected songs “Honest or Sentimental”and we all got nuts. Gut Gematch!.

Astpai (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

It was only 4:30 pm and there was still a long list of bands to play when The Bombpops hit the stage. If there’s a word to sump up this show that must be energy. And fun too. The band was presenting his new ep Dear Beer and the fun was total. Punk tunes with catchy pop  and easy to dance sound. Everyone enjoyed tunes such as “Outta Hand” or “Ca in July”. They sometimes brought me back to that Tsunami Bomb sound I really love, and thats always a good feeling. They gave us one one of the coolest moments of the whole festival when a young six/seven years old girl got on stage with a Bombpops t-shirt and danced and sang with the band. Punk rock for all ages.

The Bombpops (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

The Bombpops (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

Next band to hit the stage was No trigger who made the best time of those technic melodic hardcore lover. Amazing show. They were able to take advantage of each minute of their 45 minutes show. The energy showed up not only above,but also under the stage with an audience who was giving it all. “Sleeping Bag” or “Neon National Park” sounded better than ever.

No Trigger (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

The only bad thing of one of a hell day was the suddenly absence of Not On Tour. Members of the organization called it to a band familiar issues. Such a big shame because in that venue ,and with that audience,Sima and his bandmates would have tore the place down. Maybe next year …

Iron Chic is one of my fetish bands. I have already seen them live a few times, but that is not a reason for me to not smile once again. Specially if the show begins with “Cutesy Monster Man”. The first song was a sing along, but the second one “My best Friend (is a Nihilist)” from his recent album You Can’t Stay Here was it too. “Timecop” was also a good memory to think about. They also played “Black Friday” and “A Headache with Pictures”. Enjoying the sound of the band right after No Trigger Melodic Hardcore was a great experience. In the variety is the spice. it is important to remark the intimacy and anger both the band and the audience felt when “Ruinous Camility” was played. Incredibly precious. Congratulations.

Iron Chic (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

The night was getting to its end, but there were still two of the biggest names left to play: Satanic Surfers and Propagandhi. The former are living a second youth. Amazing show that one given by the swedish band. They were presenting one of the 2018 album of the year, Back from Hell. New tunes from this album such as “Catch My Breath” or “The Usurper” made us check that this is a live band. New songs were also mixed with classics such as “Lead us to the Gallows” or the huge “U+I R 1”. 90s were back and they were partying at Wels. “The Treaty and the Bridge” and, of course, “Head Under Water” got everyone crazy and sweaty. I never get tired of them.

Satanic Surfers (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

Satanic Surfers (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

And after nine bands and more than ten hours of live punk rock music, Propagandi‘s time arrived. Being able to enjoy the live performance of this band in a venue like Alter Schlachthof was simply amazing. The band welcomed us with “Failed Imagineer”, but “Back to the Motor League” hit us on our faces. A great set where “Dear Coach’s Corner” was followed by “Fuck the Border” made us feel like riding a rollercoaster such the one which appears in the cover of their last album, Victory Lap. The beautiful “Note to Self “ was also played, as well as the old fans loved “Anti-Manifesto”. I have seen the band live several times but I have to admit that this setlist was a mix between yesterday, today and tomorrow sounds. “Victory Lap” and “Night Letters” were the chosen ones to close the show, making Propagandhi the winners of the night.

Propagandhi (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

Propagandhi (photo by Antonio Linoleum)

After all these shows, there was still time for the Karaoke Bash, time for laughs, drinks, and reviews of the day we had just lived. A never-ending night that almost joined the early morning of another amazing punk rock day.


We just want to say thanks once and again to Martin and Stefan. Thank you very much for everything. We have been well treated in a lot of places, but never like you guys did. There’s no words to thank you enough. We hope you enjoy our spanish and english reviews. it is a pleasure.

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