Since 1992 – (Undeclinable Ambuscade interview)

Last November, melodic punk rock lovers had great news, Undeclinable Ambuscade was coming back for a reunion tour, and that included Jasper Vergeer comeback too. Belgium Festival Groezrock was the one who threw the bomb, and we all celebrated it as hell. As soon as we read that, we got in touch with the band to see if they could answer a few questions we were excited to get answers from. As months went by, a few of that questions were already answered by facts, but Jasper was really nice and replied to our interview. ¡We hope you guys enjoy it same we did!


– First of all and being a fan of yours since the late 90 ́s, I must admit I’m really stoked about your comeback and I want to say thank you for doing this. How are you guys feeling about it?

We’re stoked as well. It’s a great chance to catch up with each other and see old friends and fans again. It feels good that people are actually excited about us playing again. Physically though I think it’s gonna be a tough cookie! But we’ll give it our best.

– How and When did this idea take place?

Almost from the get-go people started asking us for reunion shows. Last year when Helmer put up an Undeclinable Ambuscade Facebook Page the fans didn’t leave us much choice but to really consider giving this reunion a chance. The rest is history.

– Is it going to be an only show comeback? Will there be more dates? Is it probably that once on stage you remember those feelings you had time ago and want to create new music?

There will be around 10-15 shows in total. Mostly some festivals in The Netherlands and Belgium. Also Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, Bayfest in Italy and Resurrection fest in Spain are on the agenda. We won’t be writing any new music. After this awesome tour we’ll part ways again, musically that is.

– Let’s go back to the beginnings. How did Undeclinable Ambuscade started? Why this name?

We went to highschool together. This is also where we had our first gig. The name was chosen by picking two random words from an English vocabulary list that sounded great at the time.

Undeclinable Ambuscade, 1995 (Michael Bacteria photograph)

– In The 90’s European punk rock /skate punk /melodic hardcore scene was at his best moment and you signed by Epitaph records, one of the major punk rock labels. How do you remember that moment?

It was pretty unreal.

– «Their Greatest Adventures» and «One For The Money» were great top albums within the genre. Which were your main influences by that time?

I guess we listened to a lot of bands on Epitaph / Fat Wreck and a bunch of other grunge and metal bands. Not really one band in particular.

– And then «Sound City Burning» appeared. It sounded different but at the same time similar to your original sound. Why that change? Was it linked to your name change to Undeclinable?

I think working with a different producer had a big influence on the sound. I don’t recall making a conscious decision to make a ‘different’ album than their predecessors

– Were you becoming more «mature»?

Yes! uhh no (laughs).

– During «Sound City Burning» recording, things started to change and a Jasper left the band. The band name changed again to The Undeclinables. What happened? (if it is possible to know)

This was during the writing and recording of the album that eventually became ‘The Undeclinables’ this was 6 years after Sound City Burning. And shall we just let bygones be bygones. Life happened.

– And now you are all back and we are waiting for Groezrock to arrive. What can we expect about that concert? Do you know which songs are you going to play yet? Was/will be easy to make a setlist?

We are still rehearsing like crazy for the shows. Punkrock is easy when you’re sixteen but when you’re in your forties it hurts! Nevertheless I’m convinced that we will be ready in time to give a decent Punk Rock show with all the golden oldies of the three album we released on Epitaph. And some more…

– I just Hope you play «far Away» and «Realease The Animals» , that would make my day…

… Oops.

– Is there any message you want to send to your fans for that special day? and what would you tell to those who don’t know you at all and who will probably see you in Belgium?

It would be great if together we can throw a party like no one has ever seen before! So see you this summer and don’t forget to empty your hairsprays.

– Ok that’s all, I just want to thank you for your time and for your attention and I hope to see you at Groez next April. Is there anything you want to add to this interview?

Maybe some color? Nah it’s fine. Cheers.


We would like to thank, once again, Undeclinable Ambuscade and Jasper for having replied our interview. At the same time we say big thanks to Helmer , who was in touch with us and who made things really easy. Undeclinable Ambuscade are back and this time for a limited time so … make sure you catch them live in the following months, ¡you guys won’t regret it!

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